What Makes Audiobooks Unique?

Have you ever listened to an audiobook? Maybe you have a long, lonely drive on your way out to college after summer. When driving long distances alone, it’s great to have entertainment to break up the monotony. Playing a showon your phone can get distracting; it’s tempting to look at the images when listening! The best option is to listen to an audiobook. You’ll get the mental stimulation to keep you entertained, but you won’t be so distracted you get into an accident. While you’re probably familiar with audiobooks, let’s look a little deeper into their history and why you should listen to them.

History of Audiobooks

Some form of audiobook has been around since the 1930’s, though they mostly recorded plays or poetry. Audiobooks didn’t become popular with the mainstream until the 1980’s, when booksellers started capitalizing on their profit potential. With the invention of the smart phone and iPad, you can now download apps that let you buy books and listen to them on the go.

Benefit of Listening to an Audiobook

Helps People with Disabilities — If you suffer from dyslexia, ADHD, or blindness, listening to an audiobook can be easier than reading a book.

Saves Time — Think about how much time you spend in the car. If you commute even 20 minutes a day, that’s time spent listening to the same bad songs on the radio or thinking about random things. Why not get in 20 minutes of “reading” while you’re on the go?