About Jeremy Malone

Hello. Thanks for coming to my website about audiobooks! My name is Jeremy and I have been partially blind for most of my life. I get along fine reading on the internet, where I can zoom the screen in to 250%. But reading physical books has always been a problem for me. Luckily, I have always been able to find good audiobooks in stores, and most recently, online. My mind is constantly craving new thoughts and content, so listening to audiobooks is a really important part of my life. I am able to listen to them on the train on my way in to work, during a workout, or while finishing chores. It really has made me a smarter and more interesting person, in my opinion.

Some of my friends don’t understand why I love audiobooks so much. I got my family hooked on them and we often listen to them together. So I made this website to explain just why I love audiobooks so much, and how they can be helpful to all kinds of people, not just those who are partially blind. Read on for tips on why, where, and how to listen to audiobooks.