Dragon-Themed Birthday Party Ideas

If your child likes to slay dragons, they will love a dragon-themed birthday party. Below are some suggestions on food, decorations, and party invitations to help you create the perfect party for your child.

Planning the Party

In addition to the basics, such as the napkins, cups, and plates, you could purchase some dragon movies that children love, some inflatable shields and swords, rent an inflatable bouncy castle, and have knight costumes for the children.

Create Birthday Invitations

If you want to be creative, you can make your own birthday invitations. You could purchase some plain invitations, and then make them look like old parchment. You can do this by putting some plain tea in a bowl. Dip a paintbrush in the tea and then spread it on the invitations. Let them completely dry, and then you can fill them out. You could address the invitations in calligraphy using a computer font or by hand.

Use a lighter to carefully burn around the edges of the birthday invitation to make it look like a dragon breathed fire on it. You could include directions to your home with the invitation. Make it look like a treasure map with an X marking your home.

Decorating the Party

Draw some fire flames on construction paper, color the flames, cut them out, and then hang them on the walls. Create some dragon footprints on construction paper, cut them out, and then place them on the floor starting at the door leading to the party area. Make up a sign and post it on the door. Put something like “Here be dragons.” Burn the edges of the paper with a lighter.

Put blue and green steamers around the room. If you have a party table, drape streamers around it, as well as use a blue or green tablecloth. Draw some small dragon footprints on construction paper, cut them out, and then lay them throughout the table.

Purchase some green and blue balloons and fill them up with helium to float around the room. You and your child could draw some fire flames or dragon paw prints on the balloons.

Making Dragon Food

Make some breadsticks, and call them dragon swords. Cook some buffalo chicken wings and call them dragon wings. Make a pepperoni pizza overlapping the pepperoni so it looks like dragon scales, and call it your dragon scale pizza. Purchase some small plastic dragons. Make some cupcakes with green icing, and put a dragon on each one.

Make some dragon breath punch for the children. Freeze some red and orange colored ice cubes before the party. Cranberry juice or a colored powdered drink works well to make the different colors. Put some lemon-lime soda in a punchbowl.  Let the children dip some soda into a clear plastic cup, and then drop a dragon’s breath ice cube in their drink.

Following these suggestions will give your child a dragon-themed birthday party they will never forget. For more ideas, talk to a professional like Dino’s Party Center.

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