Tips For A Successful Family Portrait Session

If you are like most people, you truly treasure every photograph you have, especially if those photos are of your children. It’s a special time in your life when they are young, and as you very well know, their childhood does not last long. So it’s important that you seek out a quality photographer if you are looking to have a family portrait done, or even if you just want to have your children’s photos done once a year. Here are some great ideas for you to implement when you decide to hire a professional photographer to capture the special moments in your life.

Family-Portrait Session Tips

Get your children involved in the planning process. If your children are not so keen on having their pictures done, get them involved in planning the special day. If there are certain toys or clothing that your children especially enjoy, then have your child choose what they may want to have with them when they are photographed. Or, promise your child a special outing after the pictures are done to encourage good behavior. 

Keep in mind when you schedule the session. Children who are used to taking naps during the day should not have their routine interrupted. If you’re going to schedule the photo session during your toddler’s normal nap time, you can guarantee they will not be very happy, or cooperative, during the photo session.

Tips for Choosing The Clothing

Don’t match your clothes, but coordinate them. You don’t all have to wear the same color shirt and pants, but you can stick with a couple of colors and incorporate a color scheme.

Accessories are your friends. They add to the outfits and they are fun focal points in pictures. Talk to your photographer about what types of accessories they may want to use as part of the session.

Watch your patterns. If you are going to have some members of the family wear patterns, keep in mind that it can take way from the final image. The same goes for your children’s character shirts. They may love their favorite cartoon-character T-shirt, but the fact is it will be a big distraction to the photo session. Working with your child on what they will wear is important, and if they insist on the character T-shirt, maybe have the photographer do a couple of shots, then have your child change.

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